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The Majestic System cleans and sanitizes carpet and restores

 your carpet back to its original beauty.

The Majestic Wand can reach 250 degrees and clean carpet with steam (not hot water) . The  strong vacuum system in the truck  dries the carpet  faster.


Stains and Deodorizing

What to do if...

  • You spill wine or coffee on your carpet?                                                                                                                          

  • If you spill coffee, wine, or juice on carpet; immediately put a wet white cloth on the area to soak up the spill. DO NOT PUT ANY CLEANER OR SCRUB THE AREA. 

  •  On a red wine stain you can use a cup of water with 1 oz of white vinegar and slowly pour it on the stain and vacuum it up with a wet/dry shop vacuum* (see picture of Stinger shop vac from Home Depot below).  There are products on the market for red wine such as Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover that you can purchase from Amazon.

  •  For general spots and soiling keep a can of the Magic Spotter on hand for daily clean-ups.  Spray the Magic Spotter on the stain and blot up with a damp white cloth.

  • We recommend that you have a small wet shop vacuum on hand for spills*. 

  • Your pet has an accident on carpet?  

  • Wipe up or remove with a paper towel

  • Get a glass of water with 1 oz. white vinegar and pour slowly while vacuuming up with a wet/dry vacuum.

  • If stain remains call Majestic Floor Care for further advice.  Wool fibers stain easier than synthetic, nylon, or polyester and is much more difficult to remove.  Yellow pet urine stains normally do not come out because this type has bleached the area.  Brown pet stains call usually be removed or lessened.

Products for Stain Removal...

Reviving Old Carpets

Majestic not only cleans your carpet; we sanitize,  revive, and refresh old carpet.  We can't do anything about worn carpet and heavy traffic patterns, but your carpet will be sanitized, clean, fresh, and brighter.  Check out the video and judge for yourself.

We appreciate our customers, their referrals, and their wonderful comments!

Kathleen Haskell recommends Majestic Floor Care.

October 21

"Our carpets w​ere just cleaned by Majestic and I can’t give enough thumbs up for the results, professionalism and courtesy of this company! My husband and I are thrilled. Five sta​rs!!!"

Sharon Antosz-Hardy recommends Majestic Floor Care.

September 18

"Majestic Floor Care is the best carpet cleaning service you could hope for! Burt is great and did a fantastic job cleaning our carpets today! So knowledgeable and professional! Give him a call at 706-339-4274"

Davina Smalley Jones

 33 mins ago May 17

I want to give a BIG shoutout to Burt! He does excellent work. Our carpet looks great - just like new! He is such a kind and good-natured person. He is very business savvy and knows so much about carpet cleaning, mold, dust, etc. He also does amazing service work in the community and abroad Plus, he gave me a complimentary jar of his very own Majestic Blackberry Jam! It is so delicious! You can put it on just about anything and it'll taste good. He also gave me a great recommendation for an air purifier and A/C HEPA filter to help me with my "allergy proofing" project to produce more clean air in my home. I look forward to working with Majestic Floor Care again!

We Love to Hear From Our Satisfied Customers!

Marcie Nicholson Ortt recommends Majestic Floor Care.

April 27 ·

"Burt did an amazing job on my carpets! He was so friendly and knowledgeable. I have a puppy that tracks in dirt and occasionally has had an accident on the carpet. He was able to get it all out. I definitely recommend him!"

Kim Dalley Ritchie recommends Majestic Floor Care.

June 3

"I recommend Majestic Floor Care wholeheartedly, Burt is friendly, knowledgeable and professional, and the result of his process is amazing (dirty, stained carpets into like-new!) Very worth the slightly higher price for his unique process and safe, non-toxic solution, and the cherry on top is the delicious blackberry jam he gives first-time customers, along with a recipe for jam-filled muffins that sounds amazing! Five stars all the way!"

Emily Fulghum recommends Majestic Floor Care.

October 23

"Not only did Burt do a great job of cleaning my oriental carpets, he made the experience a pleasure.

Highly recommend!"

We clean rugs and most oriental rugs in-house.  We protect the floors and walls when cleaning carpets and rugs.

The Majestic Truck cleans and sanitizes with a more rapid drying time due to the true steam that comes from the wand and the high volume vacuum that extracts more moisture giving you a quicker drying time.

Rugs and Orientals

The Majestic system does a remarkable job cleaning rugs and orientals in-house.  Call for more information (706) 339-4274

Stacy Quarles recommends Majestic Floor Care.

January 29

"So glad I found you, Burt! Thank you for cleaning my wool rug when I feared it would never come clean! He was highly recommended and now I know why! Super nice, dependable and goes out of his way to make sure you are completely happy! Five stars for sure!"

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